Arcam AB : The Swedish 3d Metal Printer Company

By: Judd Parker – [email protected]


3d Printer Stocks   Arcam AB : The Swedish 3d Metal Printer Company

There is no good reason for us to focus solely on companies in the US. If you are looking to invest, it is foolish to limit your money making potential to one country or another. Arcam AB is a company out of Sweden that is doing some really interesting work with 3d metal printing. From their site: “Arcam provides a unique Additive Manufacturing technology for production of fully dense metal parts, Electron Beam Melting (EBM®). The EBM® technology builds parts layer-by-layer from metal powder using a powerful electron beam. The EBM® process is carried out in vacuum at an elevated temperature allowing for first-class material properties, mechanically and chemically. Arcam was founded in 1997 and is listed on the Nordic Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden.


Arcam AB currently has 2 models available, both of which print in various types of metals for a wide array of purposes. A very notable use would be among the medical field. These units are large, industrial machines. These are not something that you would have in your living room but from a commercial standpoint, these machines are still very relevant. These have the capability of printing out very complex metal models that can have exciting new uses ( a notable one being a 3d printed human jaw replacement recently) as procedures like this become more widespread and successful, demand for machines like this will increase.


This company is listed on the Nordic GM and has been listed there for a couple years. 3d Printer Stocks   Arcam AB : The Swedish 3d Metal Printer Company Currently the stock is trading around $0.1745/share or 1.170 SEK/share.

Essentially 3D printing penny stocks.


We will be keeping an eye on Arcam AB to see what they are working on. The trading information page on their site is in Swedish but Here it is translated to English if you care to take a look.


As always, stay tuned to where we keep track of all the major events in the 3d printing market. Coming up we will be breaking down individual stocks related to the 3d printing industry and let you know who is creating waves and how!